Minister of Information Gospel Kazako says the country will be saving billions of Kwacha when government constructs houses for legislators in all 193 constituencies across the country.
Kazako said the reason why some legislators are resisting accepting this reality is that they are inclined in doing business as usual.
He said the Tonse Administration is setting a firm foundation for the development of the country by sealing all loopholes that drain the country’s resources.
He emphasized that the vision of the country’s leadership is to set all parameters that will drive prosperity to the citizenry one of which is to save billions of kwacha when Government completes the envisaged project of building constituency houses for the lawmakers.
“We think this is a very good idea because in every five years Government spends over K2.5 billion and this is in housing for every Member of Parliament.
In the next 10 years this figure is bound to be more. We might be talking of spending over K10 billion.
“You know this Administration is advancing Servant Leadership which seeks to enable the constituents have access to their legislator and this is the surest way of doing it,” said Kazako.
Projected expenditure for a five year period hits over K2.5 billion and the amount according to the Minister would have been allocated to other key areas of development.
He said now is time to do business unusual if the country has to progress.
“The Signal the President and his Vice are sending is to bring reforms across the spectrum and start doing things differently. I can assure you we will do this project nicely and years down the line Malawians will appreciate this initiative,” said Kazako.
The Minister added that unfortunate incidents like school blocks collapsing on students, substandard workmanship on many projects across the country should be history and the new direction taken by Government is to come up with long lasting solutions to every problem rocking the country like expenditure on housing allowances for Members of Parliament.
In conclusion the Minister highlighted servant leadership style as advanced by the country’s leader President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, which should be emulated by legislators to be close to their constituents.
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