Zimbabwe-A chicken thief who was caught red-handed with a stolen cock hidden inside his jacket was allegedly forced to eat the whole raw chicken as punishment for his crime.

According to iHarare, an angry mob forced a chicken thief to eat the whole stolen chicken as a punishment for stealing.

The thief was allegedly caught red-handed with a stolen cock. In an effort to hide his crime, he took the chicken and hid it inside his jacket.

However, suspicions arose when a dying chicken made unusual sounds inside the thief’s jacket. This caused the angry mob to raise eyebrows leading to the revelation of his theft.

In a video below, the thief whose name was not disclosed can be seen holding the cock that he stole. In an instant justice case, the angry mob forces him to eat the whole raw chicken.

One voice can be heard forcing him to eat the raw chicken. he goes on to tell him that since he stole the chicken with the intention to eat he might as well do so now.

In the video, the thief can be seen biting off the cocks head. According to a close source who witnessed the whole incident says the suspect only managed to eat the chicken head before he started vomiting.

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