Twitter Malawi has come at local clothing line KNQR for being a knock off from Australia.

The ‘Tweeps’ as people on Twitter are referred to as, went off arguing the brand should own up to the fact the label already existed down under (Australia).


But KNQR owner, Hip Hop artist Hayze Engolah has come to the defense of his clothing line saying he had the idea of the top of his head, secured patent and invested time and money to get it off the ground.

“I guarantee you that the brands are completely different and come from different inspirations. The people who were around when this concept was birthed can testify to that,” he said.

In his statement Engolah acknowledged being made aware of the Australian KNQR and taking legal steps.

“I consulted my lawyers and we worked around the authenticity of our brand…and with all the legal advise I got from the lawyers WE CONTINUED with it and here we are  getting stronger as planned,” reads part of the statement.

The statement from Engolah has no stopped the conversation with others arguing Malawians do not want to see others prosper and will do anything to bring the other down.


Interestingly, the KNQR trend has not put off prospective buyers with a number of them visiting the shop to get their merchandise and support the buy Malawian product initiative.


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