In a rather shocking development, a Victoria Falls couple that operates a shebeen has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a man with a screwdriver 32 times before pulling his privates until he became unconscious.

This Publication has established from The Chronicle that, Christopher Lyuhya (37) and Jacqueline Nhidza (36) who operate a shebeen at their house, Number 1326 Chinotimba, allegedly stabbed  Tendai Zengeni 32 times with a screwdriver. The couple also went on to pull his private parts until he became unconscious, before undressing and dumping his body in a drain as they believed he was dead.

Prosecuting Mr. Bheki Tshabalala told the court that on Saturday last week the couple stabbed Zengeni following a misunderstanding over money.

“Acting in common purpose the accused got hold of the complainant and stabbed him with a screwdriver 32 times on both thighs and buttocks. The two went on to pull the complainant’s genitals, undressed him completely and took him to the drainage, and dumped him thinking he was dead since he was unconscious,” said Tshabalala.

Apparently, on the day in question Zengeni and his wife  Gloria Mcilo had been drinking beer at the accused couple’s home before he was attacked.

During their drinking session, Zengeni and Mcilo borrowed beer from the couple and offered a cellphone as surety that they would bring the money the following day.

However, after drinking and getting merry a misunderstanding later ensued over the money.

The misunderstanding turned violent as Lyuhya allegedly pushed Mcilo outside the house and closed the door before he grabbed  Zengeni by the neck while his wife Nhidza stabbed him. After stabbing him 32 times the couple took turns pulling his privates until he became unconscious.

Hearing her husband scream in pain, Mcilo tried in vain to open the door to save her husband. Seeing that all her efforts were all in vain she ran to a nearby council office to seek help from municipal police.

However, when she returned she could not find her husband at the couple’s house. Upon thorough inspection, she later found him lying unconscious and naked in a trench.

With the help of some neighbors, she managed to carry him home. He was admitted to Victoria Falls Hospital for treatment.

Mcilo reported the matter at the nearest police station leading to the couple’s arrest last Monday.

Lyuhya and Nhidza were not asked to plead to attempted murder when they appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms. Linda Dzvene.

The couple was remanded in custody to September 30.

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