By Orchestra kamanga

The Vice Chairperson for Works Committee at Kamba Market, Felix Kumpikano has urged all vendors in the Market to usher him into power during the forth coming elections to continue with different developments he started five years ago.

Speaking in an interview, Kumpikano who is doing butchery business at the market said he has done a lot of development in the market like bringing kiosks and more sheds which were not there with previous Committee.

“During my tenure with my fellow executive committee we constructed banana shed because previously women were selling bananas on an open place and there was no kiosks,” he said.

He also said the committee opened Bank Account so that all Vendors in the market should be helped during difficult times like funerals and in time of sickness.

“The money we are using for helping each other we collect when Lorries carrying bananas are entering into the market which is K400.00.

Kumpikano furthers said at the moment Blantyre City Council has not set a date for the elections as they are waiting to remove vendors who are plying their trade in the streets.

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