In Kenya, police on Sunday arrested a suspected drug addict who was armed with a knife that was meant to be used in stabbing the pastor during service.

The suspect, congregants said, seemed to have been angered by the pastor’s spirited campaign against drug abuse and alcoholism among the youth.

Speaking to the press after the incident, the pastor of Jesus Kingdom Embassy Church, Joseph Barasa, said that the man arrived while the service was underway at 11 am posing as a worshipper.

“He entered the church posing like a worshipper but he had a different mission of attacking him,” said Barasa.

One of the church’s congregants, James Musyoki, said that they noticed that the man seemed unsettled and on a closer look saw the knife he was hiding underneath his clothing.

They were already suspicious of the man since he had been seen pelting the church with stones earlier in the week during morning prayer sessions, Musyoki said.

Another faithful, Alice Muthoni Kang’ethe, said the false worshipper sat behind her in the church and pretended to be drunk.

When the worshippers saw the knife he was wielding, they immediately seized him and took him to a local Police Station where he was detained.

Congregants have since called upon police to guard places of worship.

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