Kenya: Residents of Kegogi Village on Monday, September 21 set alight a 28-year-old man’s house after he was allegedly caught raping a neighbour’s wife.

Patrick Orina on Sunday 5pm waylaid his middle-aged victim when she was heading to her house after taking a bath in a communal bathroom.

Orina allegedly knocked out the victim’s six teeth so as to subdue her before sexually assaulting her.

Neighbours said they heard the woman screaming, and when they rushed to Orina’s house, they found the mother-of-five being sexually abused by the suspect.

Orina managed to escape to an unknown destination.

Neighbours allege that this is the second time the suspect is being accused of engaging in sexual offences.

“Sometime back, he was caught having sexual intercourse with a neighbour’s goat. We forgave him after he vowed never to commit any other form of sexual offence,” said the suspect’s neighbour.

The irate residents said they decided to set the suspect’s house on fire so as to drive him out of the community for good.

Police say they are looking for the suspect, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Meanwhile, the rape victim, who is in her 40s, was taken to a local Hospital for medical care.

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