An angry mob has vandalized Bolero Police Unit in the wee hours of Wednesday, requesting the release of two of their fellow villagers that were arrested on Monday.

Those we spoke to on condition of anonymity told us the villagers were allegedly angry at the conduct of a Burundian prying trade in the area who is being accused of mistreating his workers.

He claims the Burundian stabbed one of his workers last year after a heated argument.

In the Wednesday incident, the villagers asked the Burundian not to operate in the area but he proceeded to open his shop a thing that angered the villagers who later resorted to looting the shop.

Police arrested two people on Monday in connection to the incident.

The villagers on Tuesday mobilized themselves and stormed Bolero police unit asking for the release of the two.

“The people were angry because they have seen the abuse our locals have gone through because of the Burundians, and they have vowed to never allow any Burundian national in the village ever again”

The angry mob then started stoning the police unit in the wee hours of Wednesday after being told the two had been moved to Rumphi police station.

Northern Region Public Relations Officer Maurice Chapola asked for more time before commenting.

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