The 17 Indian nationals who were arrested in Kasungu at Shayona Cement factory have been released after paying a fine of 29.7 million Kwacha.

Lilongwe Regional Immigration officers arrested the Indians on Thursday for overstaying in the country without processing temporary employment permits at the factory.

Central Region Immigration Spokesperson inspector Ealack Banda says the 17 were released today after paying the fines.

Banda says “the fines range from K850,000 to K2,550,000.00 each depending on the number of the days they overstayed.

Shayona Cement Cooperation Human Resource and Administration Manager, Austin Mvula also confirmed the release of the indian workers.

“The arrest of the Indians came to us as a surprise because the department delayed to process the work permits,”said Mvula.

While he says the department did not notify them of the penaties before effecting the arrest, he emphasises that it was an individual responsibility to apply for extension of the period before the expiry of the visa.

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