South Africa Protesters in KwaZulu Natal decided to take matter into their own hands by digging a road over the government’s failure to provide them with water and electricity.

The residents teamed up and met at the road in eBhovini between Pomeroy and the Mozana turn off on Friday morning and started digging in the middle of the road.

They dug a number of holes in the two way traffic road that will make it difficult for vehicles to move. So deep are the holes that they actually reached the stones underneath the gravel and the tar.

Some South Africans have reacted to this new form of protesting by fellow citizens:

Mapungwana Ephraim, “I wonder what’s all this about?, protesting damaging your own infrastructure, they started with trains now no trains moving, now they are coming to the roads it’s only idiots that support this!”
Nicholas Mumba, “Why not dig out water pipes and electricity cables? That’s like cutting yourself on the throat, because no one will deliver food now. No electricity, no water, I’m stupid let me add food and traveling to the list.”
PriMost SaRyan Nyamz, “In 5yrs time, little Europe will be like Somalia,Its illegal to evict land invaders instead they demand free basic services and houses whilst on private property.”
Ayanda Zungu, “These people don’t have cars. It’s the working class that will suffer. Imagine paying tax and then this. Going home December holidays then boom get robbed and killed on that road.”
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