Angry business people have dropped a coffin of a businessman Denis Katsache at Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) offices in Mzuzu after the tax collecting body refused to release vehicle of the deceased.

The fact of the matter is that the deceased came with a 15 truck full of drinks from Tanzania and paid Songwe boarder.

On his way he was stopped at Chitimba MRA check point where upon checking he was told that the goods were undervalued.

Calculations were made by MRA officials and a penalty was imposed. The deceased cooperated and added about MK4.5 million.

After this he was again told that the calculations were not accurate and he has to pay more. This did not go well with him and his blood pressure went high and eventually led to his death.

On Thursday morning relatives of the deceased engaged the minister of Trade Hon Sosten Gwengwe who in the middle of the meeting he called the MRA Commissioner General.

It was agreed that MRA Mzuzu must release the truck and give back the money to the deceased’s wife which was added but the tax body denied.

In retaliation, bereaved family of Dennis Kasache brought to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) offices in Mzuzu a body of their relation.

Meanwhile MRA has released the truck and the money they obtained from the deceased.

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