A man by the name of  Tejpal Singh in India climbed a mobile tower on Sunday after reportedly having a fight with his wife.

Luckily, he was soon back on the ground after persuasion by local authorities.

When authorities questioned the man about his stunt, he said his wife to frame him in false cases but the cops are not listening to him.

“I am fed up with my wife. She is trying to frame me in false cases but the police are not listening to me. I want to get rid of this relationship,” said the man.

An investigation by the police revealed the man’s name is Tejpal Singh and he and his wife are both in their second marriage.

The two apparently had an argument over something which led to Tejpal Singh climbing the tower.

“The man’s name is Tejpal Singh. It is the second marriage of both the man and his wife. They had an argument over something after which he climbed the tower. He was soon persuaded to come down,” a policeman said.

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