President Dr Lazarus Chakwera said Monday his Tonse administration had planted seeds of good governance since taking office in June.

“Let’s make sure all of us the seeds are watered and natured to reap a bumper harvest,” the President said in a keynote address celebrating 100 days in office of his administration.

Chakwera outlined a raft of success chalked by his administration, including:

-Increasing budget to Anti-Corruption Beruea (ACB) to fight endemic corruption.

-Launched Affordable Input Program (AIP) to enable farmers buy a 50 kg bag of fertilizer at K4,999.00.

-Tax-free threshold of K100,000.

-Introduced minimum wage of K50,000.

-Wooed 500 prospective investors from all over the world to help stimulate economic growth.

-Hired new boards to deliver development.

-Introduced reforms and restructuring at Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) to be a public broadcaster and not for propaganda.

-Uniting Malawi through Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity which has started groundwork for reconciliation.

-Gazetted Access To Information (ATI) Act.

-Met dozens of donors, chiefs, Civil Society Organisations to hear their views as a listening government.

-Established Climate Change Fund.

“We are working around the clock to set ship on a new course,” Chakwera said.

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