The temple of God lately has turned into a place where ungodly and unbiblical activities are being gladly carried out.

Earlier today, local reporters reported viral video of a pastor shaving the pubic hairs of female congregants in the church during a sermon.

According to the Pastor known as Attah, it is written in Leviticus that Christians should shave their private parts and bath as well so after shaving, he told the congregants that he will bath them in addition as a direction from God.

Just after this, another viral video of an unknown man of God commanding a woman’s waist to swing after filling her with the anointing surfaced online.

In the video, the woman who was filled with the anointing of God was seen break and whining her waist to a rhythm made by the pastor.

Of course, this is a stage-managed miracle but the brainwashed congregants erupted in jubilation and believed that the rogue man of God had performed an extra-ordinary miracle.

Watch this interesting video:

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