There was commotion during the weekend when vendors who ply their businesses at Chitipa New Market forced away merchandisers from Chitipa Old Market in their quest to have the latter market closed.

The traders complained that they were out of their business as most buyers patronise the old market.

According to Vice Chairperson for Chitipa New Market, Moses Mtambo, the traders launched the concerns with Chitipa District Council to handle the matter.

“We, today, decided to bar these people conducting their trade at the old market as the council has delayed in addressing the issue. We are removing them from the old market,” said Mtambo.

He said the council ordered all traders in the old market to relocate to the new market after it was completed in 2015. He said while some traders adhered to the call, others remained in the old market to date.

“We were told to relocate to the new market and that at the old market there will be a bus depot, but others are still operating from there.

“We think it is unfair for some traders to keep on operating in the old market. This is bad for us, most customers opt to go to the old market as it is closer to the main road,” said Mtambo.

He added that the vendors have since re-engaged the council to close the old market and that all vendors from the new market will go back to the old one if nothing is done.

Vice Chairperson for Chitipa District Council, Wedson Sinkhonde said the council will have an interface with representatives from both markets to map the best way forward.

“I have received the concerns from the vendors who ply their businesses in the new market and we will engage all stakeholders so that we come up with a tangible solution to the problem,” said Sinkhonde.

Chitipa District Council recently approved a new District Development Plan (DDP), which among its priorities will have a new bus depot.

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