Police in South Africa have launched an intense manhunt for the culprits who have murdered a prominent attorney while at his home in Mpumalanga on Monday.

Police confirmed that the 38-year-old  Gerrit Stander succumbed to injuries en route to a nearby hospital, and said that they are urgently pursuing those responsible.

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Colonel Donald Mdhluli said that Standers father in law had been alerted to a break-in on the property, on which he also resides.

“Preliminary reports suggests that a man [the father-in-law] received a message via WhatsApp that there was a break-in at his daughter’s [wife of the deceased’s] residence, where he was requested to call the police and medical personnel as her husband had been shot,” said Mdhluli.
“Upon arrival at the scene, the man was taken to hospital for medical treatment for gunshot wounds. The man, unfortunately, was later reported to have passed on at hospital.”

“The police opened a case of murder and house robbery,” he said, adding that members of the public are encouraged to provide any information they may be privy to that will assist police in the search for Stander’s killers.

“All information will be treated as confidential and callers may opt to remain anonymous,” he said.

Stander’s father in law, Martiens, told The Lowvelder that the attorney had been shot three times after engaging in a “scuffle” with the the intruders.

“The dog, which was in the house at the time, started barking which woke Gerrit up,” he said. Upon arrival in the dining area, a scuffle ensued and he was shot three times.”

“His wife, Yolandi, had sent out a cry for help on the area’s WhatsApp group, to which I responded,” Martiens said.

The family were notified that Stander had lost substantial amount f blood and died before arriving at the hospital. “We are grateful that we had time to say goodbye,” said Martiens.

The suspects are understood to have fled on foot, with two cell phones, a laptop and television.

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