Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Eisenhower Mkaka has trashed rumours hovering on social media claiming that he bought a vehicle at an exorbitant price of MK72 million from proceeds of corruption, saying the claims are untrue.

Mkaka said this through a statement posted on his official facebook page seen by this publication.

While accepting to have bought as Mercedes Benz as claimed on the social media, Mkaka said the vehicle is a second hand and not brand new.

“It is true that I have bought a Mercedes Benz, but it is not brand new, it is second hand. I bought it for GBP45,000, which roughly translates to K45 million (all costs inclusive), and not K72 million as alleged.

“I was appointed cabinet minister on 8 July. By that time, I had already ordered the car. I ordered the car on 05July, and on 14 July, I wrote the Malawi Revenue Authority to ask for duty-free clearance (MRA response hereto attached),” wrote Mkaka.

He added: “I declared this car together with all my other assets, to the Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Declarations.

“I have several sources of income which enabled me to afford this car. At that point, I had been working as an MP for a year. Secondly, in June this year, I announced that my former employers, the First Merchant Bank, compensated me after winning a court case against them. I even announced this here on my Facebook page in June this year when I got the first tranche of the compensation. Thirdly, through my wife, I have been carrying out a business of agricultural commodities for years. All these made me afford to buy the car.”

Mkaka then distanced himself from all corrupt activities as alleged on the social media.

“I have never received a single kwacha through corruption from anyone. Anybody with evidence of my corrupt dealings, if any, is free to lodge a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Bureau or the Malawi Police Service. I welcome any investigations at any time. I am not corrupt and never will be, and I want to assure all Malawians of goodwill that I will never let them down in any way.

“We need to stop being a society that thrives on rumour-mongering. We are now in the age in which the Access to Information Act is fully operational. Anybody who has any doubt just has to come forward and ask for information. I, personally, and President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s administration in general, are open to and welcome scrutiny at all times. Scrutiny is welcome, but fabricated rumours and unfounded allegations are not,” added Mkaka.

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