Three children from the same family have died after a heap of sand allegedly collapsed on them near Kaviyewo Primary School in the area of inkosi Mzukuzuku at a place where people mine sandy soils for construction purposes.

Mzimba Deputy Police Spokesperson Alfred Lusiyo identified the three children as Hendrix Zimba, Chifundo Zimba and Cosmas Zimba all below the age of 12.
Lusiyo said the three children went missing on October 17 only to be found dead under a heap of sand on Sunday October 19.
“Our investigations indicate that the three children who are from the same family went missing on Friday last week and their parents had been looking for them. Unfortunately they were found buried under a heap of sand very dead,” said Lusiyo.
Lusiyo said the incident has sent tremor of fear among parents of children in the area and other learners at Kaviyewo Primary School.
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