With the attendance of many government officials during presidential functions, State President Lazarus Chakwera has said that a lot of tax payer’s money is being wasted.

Chakwera was speaking today during the official opening of Sogecoa Golden Peacock Hotel in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Chakwera said at the function in Blantyre there were too many senior government officials, challenging Secretary to President and Cabinet to draw a protocol of who accompanies him to functions.

According to Chakwera, the tendency must stop.

“We should not burn taxes, it’s a wastage which should not continue,” Chakwera said.

He said with too many government officials at the function, the cost of the function alone could not be justified.

He further added that those governmental officials were appointed to serve Malawians and not the president.

Diverting his attention to the purpose of the function, Chakwera condemns the hiring of foreigners to work in clerical jobs at the hotel because the hotel are owned by foreigners.

He said the priority should be to hire locals.

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