The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has condemned the raping of 11 year old girl in Chikwawa, on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

According to reports, a 38 year old man, identified as Leornad Kanyama brutally defiled the 11 year old girl and dumped her by the road side.

In a press statement seen by Face of Malawi reporter, National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera has assured the communities that police is doing everything to ensure that the girl child and all vulnerable groups are well protected.

“Through community policing structures, the MPS is working with communities and all relevant stakeholders across the country to enhance safety and security from the grassroots,” said Kadadzera.

The police also commended Bereu communities who apprehended the suspect and reported the matter to police immediately after they learnt of the crime committed.

“The service thus urges and encourages everyone to report to police any incident and perpetrators of human rights abuse for swift action,” he said.

The police is there reminding the general public that defilement remains a very serious offence that attracts a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and that the police “will not relent but arrest and bring to book all human rights violators”

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