An 11-year-old indigenous girl from Australia, took her own life after her rapist was released on bail.

In an interview with The West Australian, the girl’s mother said that her child was horrified and she “did not feel safe” with the rapist roaming free.

“She had a charming personality, she was cheerful and outgoing,” the mother added.

The child was the second youngest of five siblings.

According to the heartbroken mother, authorities defrauded her daughter, who was in sixth grade.

The alleged rapist had been caught a month ago and he was charged with a number of sexual abuse counts on minors, but he was let go on bail on the same day that he had his court hearing.

The abuser lived in the same area as the victim. Her mother said that the family did not feel safe knowing the rapist is somewhere nearby.

Even though the abuser’s bail forbids him from getting into contact with the victim, she still feared for her safety.

Recently, the family said goodbye to the girl at the Children’s Hospital in Perth, where she was brought after she hurt herself.

Loved ones insist on the case being made transparent.

“I just wanted this to be known. I want it to be heard,” said one of the girl’s aunts.

Sexual abuse is a highly pressing issue in Australia despite all efforts to combat it.

Even though such crimes happen all over the country, small towns are the most affected.

Considering the massive financing that goes into combating child abuse, the results are more than disappointing.

“Of course I am worried. The death of any child is always distressing,” she said.

“I will ask the police for advice on this case, but I cannot add anything else at this time, just extend my thoughts and prayers to the young woman and her family,” she added.

The head of the National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project, Megan Krakouer, who has been standing behind the family, said the inaction around child sexual abuse is shameful.

Gerry Georgatos, who is also a director at the project, said that the abused should not have been freed on bail and that pretrial detention laws should be tightened for child abusers.

“The police must also do much more to help impoverished and vulnerable families,” he told The West Australian.

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