The heartbreaking story of a young Chinese man whose body was painfully folded as a result of Arthritis……

An unusual arthritis kept  46-year-old Chinese man named Li Hua bended for many years.

Ankylosing Spondylitis  according to medical reports, is a long period ailment in which the backbone and other parts of the body can  to be inflamed. The condition is more common in men than women.

Li Hua who is from a very poor background before his surgery, was not able to stand upright, eat food, nor walk. He was too poor to pay for his medical charges.

“Li Hua had been living with his face down between his thighs. He was portrayed as a different patient with a complicated dilemma. His chin was on his chest, while his sternum was on his pubis, and his face was on his femur.”

“Before the surgery, he had depended on his elderly mum Dongchen Tang who took good care of him, showered for him, and gave him food.”

“When it finally reached his moment to be treated, Li Hua and his mother traveled more than 500 miles from their home to Shenzen.”

“His condition was a very difficult one as his physicians announced that they have never experienced such an ailment. His physician, Professor Huiren Tao had even described healing his condition as ascending to Mount Everest.”

“The treatment of Li Hua’s condition didn’t begin instantly as his physicians used the 1st two weeks to create a medication, then they used extra 3 months to prepare him for the surgery.”

Li Hua went through 4 phases of surgeries. It was a highly risky surgery, because bones had to be broken before they could be straightened up during his surgery.

Li’s Hua surgeries became successful then it was observed with a 6 months serious rehabilitation. After some time, he could stand upright with the assistance of a walker, and presently he can now walk around on his own for a short duration.

“Li recognizes his physician, Professor Tao to be his savior. When he eventually raised his head and saw his mum after many years, it was an emotional moment.

He can now walk around, sleep comfortably …

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