Salta – Six men have been arrested accused of having sexually abused a young man with mental retardation and of having filmed the attack, which they later spread on social networks.

The event happened in the town of Cafayate. The video, while generating widespread repudiation, made it possible to identify the attackers.

According to Infobae, Jorge Daniel Gutiérrez (32) and Enrique Antonio Segovia (42) were the first to be arrested on Thursday, when the video went viral.

“The victim is a person with legal capacity restriction and once the fact was known, the corresponding complaint was made,” said the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) of Salta.

The investigation was carried out by the prosecutor Cecilia Flores Toranzos, a member of the Office of the Prosecutor for Crimes Against Sexual Integrity No. 3 of Cafayate, and just 24 hours later it yielded new results. According to the MPF, the other four suspects were identified and arrested as co-perpetrators of the sexual abuse against the young man.

In the provisional accusation, Flores Toranzos points out that the six people involved in the criminal act recorded in a video that was made public, collaborate with their conduct to specify the violation of the sexual integrity of the victim and therefore considers them co-authors. The prosecutor asked the intervening Court of Guarantees to order preventive detention for the six involved in the incident.

The victim’s sister was the one who made the complaint to the Police, who immediately intervened the Fiscal Unit for Crimes against Sexual Integrity and the Counsel for the Incapable.

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