Government has increased civil servants’ salaries effective 1st October, 2020.

According to a circular dated 29 October and signed by Secretary for Human Resource Mr B. Chilabade, the new salaries have been approved following consultations with Teachers Union of Malawi and Civil Service Trade Union.

Following the hike, employees on the lowest civil service grade (R1) will be getting K1,386,252 per annum while the highest paid civil servant Grade A4 (Head of Public Service) will be getting K36.3 million per year from K33 million.

Salaries for teachers with college degrees will now range from K3.4 million per year to K4.1 million/year. The old range was K3.1 million – K3.7 million.

The lowest grade in the teaching service is L where salaries now range from K1.83 million per year to K1.88 million per year.

New entrants into the civil service are required to receive the lowest salary for their grade.

Chilabade in the circular advised controlling offices to pay the new salaries from the provision under personal emoluments and to consult Treasury in cases of over-expenditure.

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