One of Malawi’s oldest people Chivwati Luhanga who was also a traditional doctor from Rumphi has died after a short illness.

According to reports, Luhanga was born on January 31, 1900 of which until his death he was 120 years old.

Until his untimely death at his shrine in Kanyerere area, some kilometers from Hewe, Rumphi west, the esteemed doctor was revered in healing, exorcising witchcraft and provision of luck charms.

The deceased was home to politicians, footballers and everyone who believes in traditional medicine.

According to our sources, the departed has become the second to pass the 100 years mark in the area after another woman died at the age of 110 last year.

Burial arrangements will follow all processes directed by the deceased before he died and, according to our sources, he will be buried in a rubbish pit located within his shrine.

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