The minister of Information Communications and Technology Hon Gospel Kazako on Monday 9 November 2020 engaged with the delegates from ICT Association of Malawi to discuss on how they can join hands to reinforce the reduction of internet bundles in the Country.

In his remarks the minister said Government needs more CSOs to join hands in order to make effort for the betterment of people.

“ICT has been affected in the country, and we are calling on all Malawians to help in investing and reinforcing in the ICT sector. ” Said Kazako

The minister also added that Government will be monitoring on how other partners are doing for the future to be E- everything, For example E-healthy , E-Agriculture.

On his part the President of the ICT association of Malawi, Bram Fudzulani has asked government of Malawi to take action and follow up with MACRA as a regulator to check with service providers

“As a CSO, we want the issue of data expiry to be addressed as well since the price reduction issue is already ongoing.” Said Fudzulani.

Mr Fudzulani also explained on how the depletion rate of data in the country is very much high, compared to other countries for example Kenya and Tanzania.

“We want Government to also take action and have discussions with MACRA to check if it has mechanisms to be able to compare measurements of data consumptions with other countries.” Added Fudzulani.

The president further said that disappearing of data is the issue that has been worrying many Malawians

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