A married man who wanted to Sleep with his Neighbor’s wife Beg after being Exposed.

Aside for adultery being a great sin that is frowned out by the two most popular religion; Christianity and Islam, it’s also a morally indecent and it’s being portrayed by people who lack positive values.

A married man who wants to engage in an extra marital affair with his neighbor’s wife.

It happens that the said woman trapped this man while allowing him to walk into her matrimonial home before calling for help as the husband and his friends who were already waiting in ambush pounced on him and beat him blue black while taking pictures of him unclad.

This man who should probably be in his late forties or early fifties was seen begging to be freed as he doesn’t want his wife to be aware of the incident. It’s a big shame that married men still seek pleasure outside their matrimonial home.

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