AMERICA – Your legs are more than half your body size: 60 percent exactly. 17-year-old Maci Currin from Cedar Park, Texas breaks the Guinness World Record with her long legs. She is the woman with the longest legs in the world.

If the 2.08 meter tall currin goes through the door frame at home, she has to duck slightly. Even in kindergarten, she was taller than everyone else. Now the Guinness people have measured too.

Currin’s left leg is 135.3 inches long, the right about an inch shorter. With that, the legs of the young Texan would reach over the navel of most of the people around her.

She just stopped caring from what people thought of her at a young age when she began to tower over her peers, Currin told Guinness.

It’s not always easy to be that big. She always hits her head. Getting into the car or buying clothes is complicated: “I don’t wear jeans because I never find one that fits me,” she told Barcroft TV. When she goes out, people sometimes stare at her and try to photograph her. “I just stare back and ask ‘Are you serious?’.”

The 17-year-old is now an inspiration for other tall women. Currin has 1.7 million followers on Tiktok and another 50,000 on Instagram. “I hope that tall women can see that size is a gift,” she told Guinness. «And that you shouldn’t be ashamed of being tall. You should accept it. ”

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