While some may say it is a scene from a short TV series,The publication would just say it as it, a man has proposed marriage to the girlfriend in her worst condition.

The man identified as Emeka, has become an Internet sensation after photos of him proposing to his girlfriend on her sickbed surfaced on social media.

Rumors suggest the lady is Gwen Divy Ifeson.

Emeka is seen on his knees as he proposes to his girlfriend.

Accord ing to the photo, Gwen’s left leg has been strapped in Plaster of Paris (POP)

Photos of the couple were shared on Facebook which has generated a lot of traction and reactions.

man propose to girlfriend on sick bed

According to reports, the lady was involved in a ghastly accident and has been bedridden for a while.

man propose to girlfriend on sick bed

Congrats Emeka

In other news, Adepanews.com has come across a video of a guy busily firing a lady on a car bonnet.

The man, whose face was prevented from being seen was happily at the lady’s behind while she happily enjoyed her time with the dude.

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