By Robert Kumwenda

Blantyre Business entrepreneur by the name of Jeremiah Kamzota has said that businesses are still struggling despite easing of the Covid -19 restrictions and opening of the borders.

He said the reason is because business has been slow for a long time a thing which forced them to use their capital to buy food, pay school fees for their children thereby ending up in having no money to import some goods.

“Government is the engine for any business we supply our goods to government but we have not been paid for the last three months on reasons that their no funding in some departments and network,” he said.

He said the sixty percent issue of providing procurement to the locals must become a reality not a song saying that Malawians have been singing this song for long time but there is nothing happening on the ground.

“Am asking Government to fund us to see if we are failures because more business is going to foreigners yet Malawians are suffering. There is also a need to review business licenses because everyone is just charging according to his will in the buildings that we are renting,” he said.

Kamzota said the charge should be per square and uniform, he has since expressed   optimism that things will change for the better in the near future.


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