A yet to be released South African film and the first Muslim movie in Afrikaans, Barakat has won for Best Narrative at the 23rd Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Festival in America.

Twenty pictures from around the world have been showcased this year at the influential festival for women of Colour.

The creators say the film, directed by Amy Jephta, celebrates the life and culture of the Cape Flats.

Jephta says the movie challenges preconceived narratives of the Flats and Coloured communities of the Mother City.

She says it takes away the focus from the violence, crime and drugs in the area and celebrates life, culture and family life.

Barakat tells the story of how a family tries to cope after the death of the father in the house.

It will only be released in South Africa in May next year after being showcased at film festivals around the world first.

The cast features Vinette Ebrahim, Quanita Adams, Mortimer Williams and June van Merch, among other.

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