Following the death of Genius Kadungure popularly known as Ginimbi Zimbabweans on social media are baying for the head of Rolls Royce Company demanding an explanation on how such an expensive and seemingly strong car can bow to Japanese Honda Fit.

On Sunday, November 12 social media platforms were awash with shocking reports that Zimbabwe’s youngest multi-millionaire Ginimbi had passed in a car accident a Rolls Royce along with his three other friends.

According to reports, Ginimbi along his friends were coming from a birthday party and had a head on collision with a Honda Fit, then hit a tree which resulted the car to burst into flames.

The development prompted Zimbabweans to question the reliability and trustworthy of the car.

Commenting on the post of Rolls Royce Company most Zimbabweans demand that they should be apologized and compensated.

Below are some of the reactions by Zimbabweans on Rolls Royce Company official Facebook page.

One user named Tila Sehlile Takaendesa commented “Ginimbi lost his life because of your car. We want to be compensated as a country .we can’t lose our mbinga just like that .we need answers,”

Kuda Musara said “Rolls and Rice we are not happy with your cars. We need compensation as Zimbabweans for what happened to Ginimbi our bread winner.”

Vennah Mothy added “If you want to die a painful death, ride in a Rolls Royce. How can it trap everyone inside and explode? Why does it lock itself in such times Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.”

Patience Makanaka Muza “Our Ginimbi is gone your car was defeated by a Honda fit.”

Meanwhile it is reported that the Rolls Royce Company is not responding to calls made on them demanding an explanation over the matter.

Ginimbi is expected to be buried tomorrow.

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