Police in Kasungu have arrested Chatoloma Chipiku Stores Manager and his assistant for allegedly selling inputs under the Affordable Inputs Program in large quantities to vendors.

They are identified as Frank Waleta, 35 and Jimmy Kamata, 27 respectively.

Police were tipped that at the satellite depot in question, vendors were buying the cheap inputs in bulk while leaving real beneficiaries waiting on the queue.

Police officers were assigned to find out more about the issue but upon seeing police officers some people, believed to be vendors fled leaving behind 14 bags of fertilizer.

Upon questioning the Manager and his Assistant about the abandoned bags of fertilizer, the two failed to explain and looking at the time at that hour around 18:30 hours in the evening, the two were arrested for suspecting them that they were selling the cheap inputs in bulk to the vendors.

Police are enquiring to trace the alleged vendors who fled from the spot abandoning the bags of fertilizer in question
Frank Waleta comes from Majawa village, Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje district while Jimmy Kamata comes from Katsukampando village, Traditional Authority Msakambewa in Dowa district.

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