Police in Kenya have arrested three senior medical officers for allegedly running a child-trafficking syndicate following a BBC investigation into the theft and sale of babies.

BBC Africa Eye revealed children were stolen to order from illegal clinics and at a Nairobi public hospital.

The babies were sold for as little as $400 (£300).

The police chief has ordered an investigation into hospitals, as well as children’s homes in Nairobi.

Investigations have revealed that senior medical officers were closely involved with child traffickers, said Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai.

The suspects have not commented.

The investigation by BBC Africa Eye uncovered a trade in children stolen from vulnerable mothers living on the street, as well as the existence of illegal clinics dotted around the capital, Nairobi, where babies are sold for as little as $400.

The investigation also revealed corruption at Mama Lucy Kibaki, a public hospital in Nairobi.

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