A developing story on the case Surrounding Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary, the state advocate has asked the court to remand the couple for 30 days waiting for the formal extradition process.

Steve Kayuni, the state advocate argued that the couple is a flight risk considering that ho they skipped South Africa immediately after they were granted by the Pretoria Magistrate Court.

Kayuni further added that extradition is a long process as it follows protocol citing that it first has to go through the ministry of Justice hence his argument that the couple should not be granted bail.

He further argued the Bushiris fled the strict bail conditions they were under in the Rainbow Nation and there is no guarantee that they can abide with bail conditions in Malawi.

However, the lawyer representing the couple Wapona Kita has asked the court to grant the Bushiri bail and that they should be released unconditionally arguing that the two were arrested illegally.

He argues that police can arrest someone based on extradition requests  only if the  minister of Homeland security issues that order to make an arrest and not just the police.

He says, defendant’s application tells a sad story of Malawian citizens.

However, state lawyer, Kayuni objects saying Kita should only concentrate on matters before the court.

“I don’t know why counsel Kita wants to mislead this honorable court, we are not here for extradition proceedings”

The hearing of the bail application of the couple is underway at Lilongwe Magistrate Court in the Capital

Bushiri and his wife are highly wanted by the South African Government where they are answering charges of fraud and money laundering.

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