A 38 Years old manwho is currently romantically involved with 6 women. And no this isn’t one of those cohabiting situations because he is actually married to all six women meaning they are officially now parts of his life.

He surely raised the marriage standards by marrying 6 wives when some men can’t even marry one or two.

From the women’s faces you can tell that they are all happy, Whatever He is doing is really working.

He is quite famous for actually buying expensive gifts for his wives then flaunting them on Instagram.

An average person would wonder how is the man able to provide and protect all these women, well he is rich but his total networth isn’t a public knowledge. As you can see the caption “they are living their best lives”.

As you can see his six wives are currently all pregnant meaning in no time he will be a father to six infants. All That at the same time.

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