Deputy Minister of Lands, Abida Mia, stopped suspected illegal sale of land at Kamuzu View along the Chikwawa-Mpemba road.

According to a source, Vincent Leo, who conducts business at the location, a buyer paid Group Village Headman Kantimbanya of Senior Chief Somba in Blantyre Rural, for the land.

He said the buyer had warned them to stop conducting business at the premises.

However, when questioned, Kantimbanya told Mia that he did not sell the land.

However, he said the businessman had asked to build toilets for people who visit Kamuzu View for leisure purposes.

Nonetheless, Leo insists that the business man who allegedly paid the Group Village Headman for the land told them to stop doing business as he would like to build a bar at the place.

The buyer was not available for a comment.

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