South African’s Institute of Foreign Policy has urged the South African government to close a case involving Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary and focus on pressing issues.

According to Mpho Tsedu, Executive director of the institute, developments regarding the case involving the Bushiris has created a diplomatic crisis for South Africa.

He said the focus on the Bushiri case opens South African authorities up for errors as witnessed with various conflicting messages from various government officials.

According to Tsedu, the Bushiri case only shows that people are not equal before the law in South Africa    given how the country handled recent cases involving Grace Mugabe, Al Bashir and the Guptas.

With this, Tsedu said it will serve the South African government cause well if President Cyril Ramaphosa would order his cabinet ministers to stop casually commenting in public platforms about the Bushiri matter if Bushiri is to get a fair trial.

Meanwhile, Tsedu has supported calls to employ diplomatic initiatives solution to resolve matters to do with Bushiri arguing procedures for extradition are costly and extra ordinarily long.

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