Japanese self-taught artist Rito (@lito_leafart) spends hours painstakingly carving tree leaves to create stunningly detailed scenes that capture viewers’ imagination.

Rito’s leaf cutouts are impressive enough by themselves, but the story of what inspired the artist to take up leaf art in the first place makes them even more so. Apparently, the Japanese artist suffers from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and spending hours focusing on a single artwork was his ways of treating his condition. He has been creating at least one of his leaf cutouts a day, as a form of therapy.

Rito’s artworks have attracted a lot of attention on social media, and he was even featured on a popular show on Nippon TV, where he revealed his condition and the process of creating his amazing leaf cutouts.


To keep up with the artist’s whimsical creations, keep an eye on his Twitter and Instagram.












For more amazing leaf cutouts, check out the art of Kanat Nurtazin.

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