Lingadzi police station in Lilongwe is keeping in custody eight teenagers for offences of rape and indecent assault contrary to sections    132 and 137 of the penal code respectively.

According to Salome Zgambo, Lingadzi Police publicist the development took place on November 24, 2020 at Kauma in the capital City.

Zgambo said that the arrests have been made after reports of series of rape cases around Kauma were reported which prompted the Lingadzi Police Criminal Investigation Department to follow up.

It was further revealed that it is a group of teenagers that have been committing cases of robbery with violence and in the process raping victims.

Zgambo further added that on the night of November 14, the teenagers and other three accomplices invaded an apartment at 2 Missed Calls Rest House in which four of the suspects attacked a woman and raped her before taking money amounting to K17, 500 from her. All this happened after they threatened to skin her alive if she dares to shout.

Luckily, the victim managed to identify one of the culprits and reported the matter to Lingadzi Police Station.

On a different scenario, on November 13, the same team broke into the house of a certain sex worker at Kauma while she was sleeping. When she heard a bang of her door, she woke up and noticed that a gang of young boys were standing beside her.

They started straggling with her with intent to rape her. They managed to tear her clothes and pants but she struggled and overpowered them. As that was not enough, the gang robbed her 9,500 and crept dejectedly away.

The ages of the suspects range from 13 to 20 years.

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