A man identified as Edson Scott, 34, from Nansanya village Traditional Authority (T/A) Mchiramwera in Thyolo was stoned to death after he was caught brutalizing his ex-wife.

Reports indicate that Scott married Priscilla from Mpando village T/A Mchiramwera and had 2 children with her temporarily separated because the marriage was not peaceful for a period of time due to cruelty of the man who most often had a tendency of beating his wife.

Despite that they separated, most often, the man was always following the lady.

As of yesterday, the lady went to her garden to work and when the man came to her home, he did not find her.

Upon inquiring, he learnt that she went to her garden to work. Then he followed her there. It is alleged that whilst at the garden he started beating her up to the extent of even bruising her private part severely using unknown object, because she lost a lot of blood, the lady collapsed.

Thereafter, he ran away to his home. With the help from other people, they managed to take lady home. After sometime, her situation was becoming worse and worse until others decided to take her to Thyolo hospital where she died upon arrival before receiving treatment.

The massage, that Priscilla was dead, did not go down well with Mpando villagers. Some men mobilized themselves and went to Nansanya village, the next village, to pick him up in the pretext that they wanted to sit down with him for a possible discussions.

They took him to Mpando village to the lady’s home, where he had also built his house. After sensing danger he ran away and hid himself in his wife’s house and locked himself. Since it was a thatched house, people did not bother themselves breaking the door but simply set fire on the house whilst he was inside.

Having seen that the house was burning, he came out fast and started running away for his dear life but Mpando villagers went chased and ran after him until he was caught.

Then, what followed later, were bricks and stones which started pelting on him like rains and crushed his head whilst others took poles and used them to finish him up. Finally, he breathed no more and that was the end of him. The villagers chanted up and down ululating that their mission to revenge, was accomplished. He died in their hands.

Thyolo Police arrived at the scene after he was already dead and they just picked up the remains.

Postmortem results, revealed that death was due to severe loss of blood .

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