The Tonse Alliance has reiterated its commitment to good governance in the country by not interfering with cases that are being handled by legal organs.

State House Director of Communications Sean Kampondeni made the remarks at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre during the Weekly Brief session.

Kampondeni was clarifying on a number of issues that have hit headlines on social and print media in the last couple of days outstanding being allegations leveled on Minister of Energy Newton Kambala, Presidential Aide Chris Chaima Banda and Enoch Chihana an alliance partner of their interference with procurement issues at National Oil Company of Malawi (Nocma).

Last Friday, Deputy director for Nocma, Hellen Buluma, wrote the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) that some officials in Chakwera Administration were interfering with processes at Nocma that ought to run independent of political influence.

Kampondeni said the Tonse Administration as guided by the ‘Super Hi Five’: Servant leadership, Uniting Malawi, Ending corruption, Rule of law and Prospering together will not embroider itself in matters that are already being handled by the legal apparatus of the State.

“The complaint to ACB makes very serious allegations against a State House official; a Cabinet member as well as an alliance partner all of them with direct links to the President.

Kampondeni said: “On behalf of the President, what I can say is that since this matter has been reported to the ACB and it has confirmed of doing an inquiry to the same in order to ascertain the legitimacy of these allegations.”

He added: “The President has no comment on this matter because it is now a subject of investigation by an independent law enforcement agency and once that investigation is concluded and a report has been filed and the President is presented with the facts of the matter beyond rumour, allegation and gossip then he will determine what course of action he needs to take if any at all,”

Nocma was established in 2010 under the Companies Act of 1984 and its Mandate is to manage a strategic fuel reserve facility in accordance with Government’s approved Strategic Fuel Reserve Management Plan, its website says.

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