United Transformation Movement (UTM’s) Frank Mwenifumbo has finally accepted to work with Leonard Mwalwanda who won the Karonga Central Constituency parliamentary seat under Malawi Congress Party (MCP’s) during the by-elections held on November 10, 2020.

Before conceding defeat, Mwenifumbo had lodged a complaint against the electoral body Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) alleging that the by-elections were not fair and credible.

Mwenifumbo also alleged that Mwalwanda was not competent to run for the parliamentary seat since he was not a registered voter violating the electoral laws which requires one running for the office to acquire.

However, the electoral body rebuffed all of Mwenifumbo’s complaints arguing they lacked merit.

Urging his supporters to move forward, Mwenifumbo said he has decided not to proceed with legal action on the matter in the spirit of togetherness.

“Let’s all rally behind that agenda which the Honourable Mwalwanda has for the constituency. He after all was already declared a winner by the Malawi Electoral Commission after we had submitted our complaints so I feel that we need to move forward.

“And to relay that message to the constituency to the voters, I had to carefully craft the message so that emotions don’t erupt; which I feel I tried my best and slowly gradually people will come to understand that we need a unity of purpose and rally behind Honourable Lenard Mwalwanda’s development agenda for Karonga Central constituency,” Mwenifumbo said.

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