Mother Nature is wonderful and daily she keeps showing us her wondrous side. Today I will take on a joyous ride through the beauty of nature.

The contents of this article might be a bit sensitive for some readers and you are advised to excuse yourself. But if you are a fan of the wonders of life, put on your seatbelts, we are moving forward.

I will be looking at places in nature(mountains precisely) that bares resemblance to the private part of a woman. The first on the list is called the;

Queen of The Desert

The queen of the desert is located in the southern part of australia and over the years, it has gain public attention for it’s unique appearance.

It gained further recognition after two hit Hollywood movies were named after it. The first movie which was released in 1994 was shot in the area which the rock exist. Since then, thousands of men and women have gone to the site to see the rock for themselves, children are mostly not allowed.

The second on my list is the infamous Rock sliver at Mount Ngauruhoe.

The Mount Ngauruhoe is located in New Zealand and it dates back to hundreds of years back. The mountain is volcanic and it last erupted in 1977. A photographer took a picture of one side of the mountain and it became an online sensation.

The mountain has since then been featured in many movies and the most famous is the Lord of The Rings. The mountain was used as the fictional Mount Doom in the film franchise.

Another worthy mention is the Danxiashan Mountains.

Located in the outskirts of Shaoguan town in the Yao Tang Village, the Danxiashan Mountains boasts of millions of visitors each year and every single person comes back with the same feeling, bewilderment! .


Another is an ice glacier located some where in earth, it became an internet meme some years back for it’s unique appearance. The location of this glacier is yet to be known as the photographer has refused to come out.

These mountains are located in different parts of the world and most of them are natural. People are mostly advised to not take their children there because of the appearance.

What do you think of this, can you take your child there.

I personally see no problem in doing so, after all it was created by nature and nature was created by God. If I had the opportunity of going there with my child, I will definitely take it. What about you?

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