A woman identified as Abycia Moutlana, and her ex-boyfriend broke up two years ago. But they’re apparently still sharing a shack and they sleep in different rooms.

However, Abycia is unhappy that her ex has been demanding s.e.x from her as payment for rent, despite the fact that they built the shack together.

According to Abycia, the demands being made by ex-boyfriend, Oscar Maphaha, 51, were hurting her.

Read the full story below;

“He says he wants me to leave because he wants his new woman to move in,” she said.

Abycia claimed Oscar even threatened her with death.

“Two weeks ago he threatened me with a spade and I ran for my life to my friend’s place.

“When I came back I told him to try it again, but he did nothing.

“I don’t want to leave my home because we built it together.”

Abycia said she would not let another woman take what she’d been working for since 2006. She said the furniture in the shack belonged to her.

She claimed her ex-boyfriend was jealous of her job and wanted to see her suffer.

Abycia’s friend, Nkele Magoro, (45) said Oscar was being selfish.

“I would love to see them share the shack,” she said.

Oscar said Abycia is history to him and he doesn’t love her anymore.

“She was my girlfriend, but there is no love between us any more,” he told Daily Sun.

Oscar said they separated two years ago, and he’d not slept with Abycia ever since.

“I want her to leave me alone as I need my own space. She knows it’s my shack, but she doesn’t want to leave.”

If it were you, what would you have done?? i feel sorry for her.

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