National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF) has warned Malawians of tricksters masquerading as NEEF trainers and recruitment agents.

This has been said in a statement released by NEEF Acting Chief Executive Officer Humprey A.J. Mdyetseni made available to faceofmalawi.

According to Mdyetseni, the tricksters are collecting money from unsuspecting masses while promising them loans and other activities such as training.

“The National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF) has learnt that there are some people masquerading as trainers and recruitment agents for the Fund and collecting money from unsuspecting masses in the process. NEEF is therefore warning the general public against such people and reminding the public that the Fund does not operate through any agents or third parties.

“Extorting money from the unsuspecting members of the public under the pretext of NEEF is a typical case of robbery that is punishable by law. The public is therefore being advised to stay away from such unscrupulous people,” said Mdyetseni.

He added: “NEEF is currently reviewing the loan process and products to ensure that they are aligned to serve the masses better. The Fund is expected to resume lending by January, 2021 and that the public will be informed accordingly of the processes and requirements through the media and NEEF establishments across the country.

“The National Economic Empowerment Fund is a protected name and as such, it is an offence for anyone to be using it without express consent of the Management.”

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