Another cohort of self repatriated Malawian returnees are finally back into the country through Mwanza Border today.

The group, which was expected to arrive at this formation last night, slept at Zobue Border following the blackout which paralysed the border clearance processes.

Information on the passenger manifest which was forwarded prior to buses arrival at Mwanza from the Malawi embassy in Pretoria indicated that expected total number of the returnees is 1368.

Border formalities are underway and the returnees are expected to be exposed to all new border measures which have been implemented at this formation [Mwanza] in the wake of this novel corona virus global healthy pandemic.

Immigration and other key border agencies are on the ground to verify on the total number of the returnees and to confirm if at all they are indeed bona fide citizens of this country.

Upon finalization of all the border formalities, the buses will be released to their respective destinations

Clearance of self repatriated Malawian returnees started in late May 2020, and so far the formation have cleared more than 15000 returnees.

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