Join the Ambition, a mult-talent agency has been formed in Malawi with an aim of unearthing hidden talents from artists in various disciplines in the country.

The grouping which comprises of over 30 members, is tasked in filmmaking, Videography, Event-hosting, producing jingles, modelling, script writing, editing and acting just to mention a few.

Currently the group is working on a number of projects especially in film industry. The group has released a trailer of the yet to be released Horror movie titled ‘Haunted Beauty’.

By just watching the trailer, one will really appreciate the creativity and the talent the group is having when it comes to acting, shooting and performing.

Speaking in an interview with faceofmalawi JTA founder and Chief Executive Officer Surprise Robert Msamu said Malawi is blessed with huge talent but the problem is exposure.

Msamu said JTA has come to break that barrier in the entertainment circles.

“We have this ambition whereby we want to bring every talent together. We call this to cleat a community based talent where everyone with a talent can come and perform and enjoy the talent,” said Msamu.

He added: “JTA was registered as creative media, filmmaking and talent promoting Company, so basically what we are trying to do is to invite everyone with a talent like say if you ar a singer, dancer or script writer, whatever talent you have. We are trying to invite those people to come in and do something.”

Msamu hinted the grouping is trying to be so creative by venturing into things that are not common in Malawi especially in the film industry such as Horror Movies.

He said the grouping is eyeing international market.

Msamu has since appealed to well-wishers to partner the group so that it can achieve its goals of unearthing the hidden talents among Malawians.

For more details contact JTA Founder and CEO Surprise Robert Msamu on 0884244286 or JTA Director Yonam Msumba on 0999176347.

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