Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima has expressed concern with continued cases of sexual violence targeting women and Children in the country.

Chilima said this year’s International Human Rights Day held at Bumba primary school in Rumphi under the theme: “Recover Better-Stand up for human rights.”

In his speech Chilima asked Malawians to take a leading role in ensuring that the cases are dealt with.

“Malawi has, unfortunately, recently seen a sharp increase in Gender Based Violence cases with the Malawi Police Service receiving 1,440 defilement cases between January and October 2019, and 1,738 defilement cases between January and October, 2020.

“These figures are frightening and alarming. Let us stop gender based violence,” said Chilima

He added: “As I have said elsewhere, I believe that gender based violence can be prevented and it can be eradicated. The first step is to change our mindset and attitudes that rationalize, normalize, and perpetrate violence and against women and children.”

Earlier Justice Minister Titus Mvalo indicated that he will be taking to parliament an ammendne to the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Code on uniformity in sentencing cases relating to sexual violence.

He said the ammendment will mean that the Courts will have to be meting out same sentences on similar issues, so the sentences won’t be at the discretion of the magistrates.

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