Former Member of Parliament for Salima North East Constituency Jessie Kabwila has said United Transformation Movement (UTM) party will form the next government in the forthcoming 2025 Presidential polls.

Kawbila said this during the recent meeting she held with UTM wing at Chancellor College (CHANCO), a constituent college of the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

“I have noticed that there is a problem with our slogan, people..! We are from the party that is forming next government so lets be very clear right so ndikati chibakela mwamba ndimve kuti icho,” Kabwila was quoted as saying in a video clip which has gone viral on the social media attracting mixed reactions among Malawians.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South Constituency Peter Dimba questioned Kabwila’s utterance, saying the remarks are uncalled for considering the fact that UTM and MCP are in alliance.

“If what Jessie Kabwila said at Chanco UTM Wing meeting that UTM will form the next Govt/will kick out Tonse
Administration/kick out President Chakwera out of Statehouse in 2025 represents the official position of the Partner and not necessarily her opinion then this would precipitate Partners rivalry as early as 3 mths into the term.Uku nkuyankhula kopasula mudzi.

“This kind of talk is divisive, politically insensitive and has the effect of creating a suspicious atmosphere in the Administration.
U don’t talk like u r Opposition/alternative Govt while you are in the same Govt,” wrote Dimba.

He added: “As I said the other day on this wall ,MCP can never and must never try to control UTM.It is a Party at formative stage whose potential is great mainly on account of its great, charismatic and visionary leader, our highly esteemed State Veep.

“However, it would be naivety for UTM to think that its big Partner is naive/unsophisticated.

“Those who migrated from MCP to UTM like Jessie would attest to the fact that this decades old GOP is a complex unshakable institution with an immovable support base backed by the largest people’s group on the land whose strength is not only in its Leadership but its grassroots as well. Besides, the 50% plus 1 law raises the entry barriers too high for new entrants.

“Let’s therefore for now just talk about development and not political fantasies.

“For those skeptics who think this Administration (just 3 mths (officially) into the 5 yr term) will fail, I have bad news for you; this Administration will do extremely well against the odds of structural, systemic and mindset challenges.

“President Chakwera is therefore going nowhere Auntie Jessie. The Man U incessantly attacked and in vain plotted his downfall while u were in MCP, is now at State House by divine providence and never to be taken down prematurely.”

Meanwhile UTM spokesperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga is yet to comment on the matter


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